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IIBI 2018 Seminar

The Institute of Library Research and Information UNAM is pleased to present our offer of academic events for the first quarter of 2018. 

We look forward to your presence.



Reading seminar. 
DATES: 30, 31 January and 1 February 2018 
OBJECTIVE: To explore the possibilities of building links between academic reading and aesthetic reading, in order to strengthen the development of skills and academic performance of communities. Thus the university library can build partnerships with teachers, researchers, artistic and cultural communities, which will help libraries remain as a strategic space for learning, research, reading and culture, in short training. 
Entry Deadline: January 22, 2018 
VENUE: IIBI; Seminar 1, Humanid1ades Tower II, 13th floor. 


III International Congress of Photographic Documentation. FOTODOC. 
DATES: February 6 to 9, 2018. 
OBJECTIVE: To promote the encounter between researchers and practitioners interested in photography as a document in all its aspects (art, heritage, information, applications, education or technology) in order to analyze the status of the issue from different perspectives, and contribute to research by presenting papers and presentations on various topics. 
Entry Deadline: February 1, 2018 
VENUE: IIBI; Seminar 1, Humanities Tower II, 13th floor. 

39 International Book Fair of Palacio de Mineria. 
DATES: February 22, with March 5, 2018 
OBJECTIVE: The IIBI participates in this fair presenting their new publications on it. 


Monday, February 26: Hall of Academy of Engineering 
12PM. Presentation of the book "Ethical Use of Information: implementations and challenges". Jaime Rios Ortega y César Augusto Ramírez Velázquez coordinators. 
1PM hrs. Presentation of the books: "The Infodiversidad and ethical use of individual and collective knowledge" and "the ethical use of information and practice of free access." Estela Morales Campos, coordinator. 
4PM. Presentation of the book "Users 2.0 of audiovisual and textual information." Juan José Calva, author. 
5PM. Presentation of the book "The teaching of reading in college." Elsa Ramirez Leyva, author. 

Tuesday, February 27: Hall of Academy of Engineering 
12PM. Presentation of "meanings and interpretations of information from the user." Patricia Hernandez Salazar. Authoress. 
1PM. Presentation of the book "Sustainable digital files. Conservation and access to audio and audiovisual collections for future societies ". Jaime Rios Ortega, César Augusto Ramírez Velázquez and Perla Olivia Rodriguez Resendiz coordinators. 

VENUE: Palacio de Mineria. Tacuba n u m. 5. Centro Hist or rich . 

XIII Seminar Research Information Users. Ier International Research Conference on Information Users. 
DATES: 12 to 16 March, 2018. 
To analyze and discuss various research projects on the phenomenon of information needs in different user communities. Promote the generation of research projects on different user communities. Follow up investigations that are part of the seminar. Promote further research and its presentation to teachers, researchers, archivists and librarians. Analyze the usefulness of research on the phenomenon of information needs for designing archival, library and information services and collection development in different units of information such as files, documentation and information units, libraries and newspaper archives. 
SUBJECTS: Information users. User communities. Information needs. Information behavior. User satisfaction. Users theory. User training needs. Methodology for the study of users. 
VENUE: The XIII Seminar will be held at the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi. Faculty of information science. The First Congress was held at the University Cultural Center Bicentennial, San Luis Potosi. 
Entry Deadline: February 5, 2018 

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