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GSLIS Goes to Rome!


Ciao! I've been absent from blogging for the last few weeks because I have been on a whirlwind tour of Europe. My travels took me to Rome and the surrounding countryside; including day trips to Florence, the Mediterranean Sea, and a day of wine tasting in Orvieto. After the course ended, I extended my visit further east to Slovakia, Austria, and Hungary. I've returned to the states inspired, overwhelmed, and reassured once again about how much I love GSLIS.

This was the first time Simmons has taken GSLIS students to Rome and while the trip was not without its glitches, overall the experience was wonderful. We stayed in a beautiful neighborhood full of cafes, wine bars, and restaurants and had easy access to all of Rome's historic sites. Highlights of the trip included our day trips outside of the city, a fabulous tour of the colosseum, and eating my way through the city of Rome.

Lest I forget, I should also mention that we were in Rome to take a class. My Intellectual Freedom and Censorship course with Professor Laura Saunders was another highlight of my experience. The course was almost entirely discussion based and my classmates engaged in heated debates on many ethical issues. This was truly a course that got us thinking and I would find myself continuing class discussions long after we left the classroom. Being abroad with fellow nerdy library students was really wonderful and I enjoyed interacting with students and professors both in class and in less formal settings.

I've got a few more days at home to catch up and write my final paper before heading off to Chicago to explore a new city and attend the American Library Association's Annual Conference. I'll be sure to report back with fun details in a couple of weeks. Until then, I hope everyone's summer is off to a great start!

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