Student Snippets


A Little Help Never Hurt Anybody

It's easy to assume--especially if you've already completed an undergraduate program--that you know all there is to know about writing. Or maybe I should just say that I thought I knew enough about writing to get by in a graduate program since I got my undergraduate degree in English. I could probably decorate the walls of my apartment with all the papers I wrote as an undergraduate. Not to mention the fact that I write for myself on the side. Who needs help writing a measly three page paper?

Well, I do. Actually, I think we all might. For my first two papers in graduate school, both professors commented on my lack of "cohesiveness". Maybe it's the two years I took off, or maybe it's the fact that I write two blogs, or maybe it's that I feel like my brain flows just fine thank you very much, but I struggled with that comment. I put so much thought into those papers! I put so much work into those papers! I didn't want to get that comment again.

I set up an appointment with the Writing Center.

I was dreading it. I didn't quite get my paper as finished as I wanted it. I wanted to do more research on one of my points. I knew that the paper I was bringing to the Writing Center wasn't world class writing. It was tolerable, but I'd barely read over it once. What if they made fun of me for my inability to string words together???

They didn't.

In fact, the Writing Center was an immense help. I was reassured that my writing wasn't terrible--in fact, it was good. And the cohesiveness of my paper was tackled. Suggestions were made. (Okay I know this is all vague and passive voice, but I don't want to give away which wonderful worker helped me! They're all amazing!!)

Hopefully, I won't get a comment on my lack of cohesiveness with this paper. And if I get a different comment? Well, I know where I'm going for help.

Check out the Writing Center here and set up an appointment--maybe even if you don't think you need the help.

All the Best -- Hayley