Student Snippets


So it Begins

There is not much to say this week. Classes started, and work and my internship continued. Reading through my course syllabi and writing all the due dates for each class's papers and presentations into my planner next to my work hours, suddenly the new semester became real. Seeing everything on paper like that made it click, so to speak, in my brain.

Apart from being overwhelming, there were also a lot of good moments in my week where I got to catch up with peers whom I hadn't seen since last semester. Now that I'm further along in my program, it's pleasant to be in courses with people I've gotten to know in previous semesters, either through classes or student groups. A lot of my projects involve group work, so it's nice to be able to eliminate the anxiety I felt in the past over not knowing who would make a good teammate.

In retrospect, I can say that previous anxiety was entirely unfounded. I think one of my favorite parts of SLIS and information science in general is the quality of people I've found in the program and in the field. Everyone seems so smart, passionate, and dedicated, as well as fun, unpretentious, and a bit nerdy (in the best way). It's one thing to love what you do, but it's even better to also love the people who do what you do.