Student Snippets


The Myth of Spring Break

Only after experiencing this week, the first week back at SLIS after Spring Break, can I now fully express why Spring Break is a myth. As an adult in graduate school, I was not expecting beaches and cocktails with umbrellas in them, but I was looking forward to some sort of respite.

Here's why that didn't happen:

  1. Boston broke the record for most snow in a winter that week. And then the weather was great long enough for me to wear non-construction worker boots for all of a day for the first time in months before I had to ditch the cute shoes.
  2. All of my friends were either out of town or took a five-day short course on corporate library management, so I couldn't really socialize with anyone.
  3. I still had to go to work and my internship.
  4. I had a paper due over the break for one class and another group assignment due two days after.
  5. Everyone acted like I should have been very rested and refreshed this week, when the only difference between the two weeks was that I did not have to go to the only class I have in person on the main campus. So basically, I had a four-hour Spring Break. But I'm not complaining, because I got to sleep in, so it was a great four hours.