Student Snippets


Semester is Almost Over

As I've mentioned before, April is a crazy month for me. What I forgot about was the fact that registration and the end of the semester were also both approaching. Registration always brings challenges and stress along with it. This semester, I completely forgot my registration time. Twelve hours later, I remembered in a panic and hustled to our registration site. I managed to get into two classes easily, but one already had a waiting list of 8 people! I try to remind myself not to stress. I try to tell myself that even if I can't get into the class (which I think I will because the school tries to work with people) that it's alright. I can extend school by a semester and my life will still be alright. But I still spend a lot of time freaking out. I also have like 8 projects due in the next week and a half which I keep trying to prioritize in order of due date, but it's stressful.

I'm excited for summer and the chance to explore. I want to visit the aquarium. I want to go to the children's museum. I want to play mini golf. I want to find a library job. I'm not sure how life will work out, but I'll survive this semester. I will still enjoy the beautiful children's books and young adult books which pushed me to this profession. I'll still want to be where I'm at in life. So I'm dealing with the craziness of April with hope for May on the horizon. I hope you all will have wonderful summers and get to play and enjoy life.

All the Best -