Student Snippets


An Event-filled Semester

If I'm not wrong, then this semester has been stressful and crazy for everyone I've talked to, and I'm definitely trapped in that cycle so I've been a little MIA for this blog. I'm definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving break!

However, the student leaders and associations have been hard at work creating and promoting events to cut the tension of the semester. Most recently, we've had large potluck thanksgiving event, with just about fifty people in attendance, followed by an "Illuminated Manuscript Crawl" hosted by SCOSAA and Panopticon. Besides being well attended, these events were amazingly fun and great ways for students to connect with each other. Panopticon has had a lot of great events, including hosting a SLIS art show, with at least a dozen submissions. They even had a wonderful opening on Veteran's day which was packed. LISSA partnered with them to host a Drink and Draw to cut the tension of the semester at the end of October and the art created at that even was brought to the Art Show.

PLG has also had some really great events, including their Prison Book Program (there's one day left in the semester to attend, on December 3rd!), and has been committed to their mission and goals. Their partnership with DERAIL remains strong and submissions are open to help address major Social Justice issues in LIS.

SLA has also been highly active, hosting a LinkedIntro event and will be hosting their annual ResumeX just after break. SLA has a great career focus and provides and produces strong events to help students reach their aspirations.

Of course, there are many more events that I didn't get to attend, but with so many different groups, it's easy to feel included. I've always loved the community created by SLIS, and the events this semester have been amazing. And, don't worry--LISSA has one last huge party planned for the end of the semester on December 9th. The dress code is cocktail attire suggested, but the main suggestion is that you attend! We can't wait to see everyone turn out!