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Maria Reilova

Hello! My name Maria, I was born and raised in a small beach town on the
east coast of Florida a little over an hour away from Orlando and yes we
would take field trips to Disney growing up (also to Medieval Times, which
is a personal favorite, it's basically a year around Renaissance
festival-Huzzah!). But I am trading in hurricanes for nor'easters and ready
to brave the winter wearing every article of clothing I own!I am currently
in my first semester at Simmons studying for my LIS degree with a
concentration in cultural heritage informatics. My educational background
is in Arts Administration and I love all things historical! This is one of
the reasons I wanted to attend Simmons in Boston. I'm eager to start
exploring all the fun history Boston has to offer, as well as all the great
sights and eats (pastries from the north end, anyone?)! When I'm not in
class or working in the SLIS admissions office, I'm out exploring my
neighborhood of Brighton to find the best coffee shop, Chinese takeout, and
24-hour convenience store, which are all very important parts of the grad
school lifestyle. I also love going into the city with my roomies and
catching a movie or just relaxing in the commons, specifically to watch all
the cute dogs.

Entries by Maria Reilova

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    Taking online coureses this semester has been really great in terms of flexibility in my schedule for my part-time job, and for my internship, but it has been not so great for socializing and being involved at campus events. Since...
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  • Accepted Student Luncheon (as a Current Student)
    March/April is such a busy time at the admissions office at SLIS, where I work part-time, and just a few weekends ago, we had the Accepted Student Lunch on our Boston Campus for everyone admitted into SLIS for the Fall....
  • April Showers, Bring Last Half of Semester Jitters (and Good News!)
    March was a complete blur for me. As cliche as it sounds, I can't believe it's already April! March was a crazy month since it started off with Spring Break and I had some major assignments due. To start off...
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    I am now approaching my 5th week of interning at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design Archives and it could not be more of a perfect fit! After graduating with my MSLIS, my dream is to work as an...
  • Going Home and Going Online
    I got back from winter break a little later than everyone else since I had my brother's wedding to attend the last week of January. If anyone needs a refresher (I'm sure I mention it in nearly every blog post)...
  • Resume Review & Planning for the Future - Ready to Upload
    Whenever the end of the semester rolls around, I always start thinking about the future. I have a very day-to-day planning style throughout the semester. I plan my days out and try to focus in the moment so as not...
  • International Opportunities at Simmons SLIS
    One of the great things about Simmons SLIS is how many events are hosted each week! We have a very active student body and there are more panels, workshops, field trips, socials, etc. than anyone could ever hope to go....
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    So it's November. Already. I'm not sure where September and October went but apparently it's the past. These first few weeks of grad school have been a whirlwind and when friends and family ask me what I've been up to...
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    Being from a small town in Florida means that for most of my life, I have had pretty regular access to a car. My high school didn't even have a school bus option for where I lived. The closest grocery...
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    A little over a month into my first semester of grad school and, oh boy, what a whirlwind! From really nailing down my commute in from Brighton, (never thought I'd be team bus over T) to learning how to layer...