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Dementia Care Program Manager

The successful candidate will work with a highly skilled team of senior home care professionals and other support staff at Visiting Angels of Newton/Canton, an agency which receives top ratings for both client and caregiver satisfaction.

This position will take the lead in:
  • selecting and/or developing training for field staff, and delivering that training
  • assessing clients and designing home care plans for people with dementia, performing direct
  • case management for a certain number of client families
  • serve as consultant on dementia care to other members of the professional team
  • providing training to family members so that they can better fill their role in keeping their loved ones at home
  • participate in educating referral sources and potential clients about the dementia care program,
  • for them to understand the benefits
  • collect data to measure identified program metrics

We provide state-of-the-art dementia care at home, with case management by a specialized expert in dementia care, providing training support to family members, and with caregivers who are trained in the best available techniques.

Program Components:

  • Employment of program director with extensive knowledge and experience in dementia care
  • Training of caregivers in recognized dementia care skills, using both on-line and classroom formal training programs, as well as client-specific coaching from the program director
  • Detailed assessment of client
    • life history
    • cognitive functioning level
    • current and former relationships
    • preferences
    • daily rhythms
    • behavior patterns
    • communication skills
    • activities of daily living
    • physical limitations
    • medical issues and treatment needs
    • behavior management problems
    • family caregiving knowledge & skills
  • Development of detailed daily schedule, considered a key element of behavior management, taking account of all factors known in the assessment
  • Tailored activities plan to provide appropriate stimulation and involvement, utilizing special materials, or building on long-standing client activities
  • Daily caregiver reports of client activities and behaviors (probably done with on-line app, accessible by a client portal)
  • Reassessment of client care needs on an on-going basis, especially when management problems arise
  • Training of family caregivers in dementia care techniques, to enhance their success during hours that we are not present
  • Professional consultation support for the program manager to overcome especially difficult problems
  • Education for referral sources and families on the nature of the program, and the benefits that can be derived from it

Measurable Criteria for Success:

  • Reduced rates of readmissions to in-patient care for other medical conditions
  • Reduced behavioral management problems
  • Client satisfaction reports of enhanced quality of life
  • Reduced rate of placement in residential facilities specializing in dementia care
  • Improved caregiver job satisfaction
Interested applicants should forward a resume to, with the subject line "DCP Manager." All applications will receive prompt attention by senior management. No follow up phone calls should be made by applicants before September 1. Depending on the volume of resumes received, it is our intent to respond to all applications starting at that time. The position will remain open until a suitable candidate is found.
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