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School Adjustment Case Manager

Reporting to the Manager of Financial Supoprt Services, the Rental Start-Up Program Coordinator works with AAC Rental Assistance Program (RAP), AAC Client Services department staff, AAC Finance department staff, consumers, funders, and outside providers at social service agencies, landlords, hospitals, and health centers to provide systems navigation to low-income people living with HIV/AIDS who are require access to emergency rental and utility assistance. 

In conjunction with other Dorchester Academy (DA) staff, the School Adjustment Case Manager provides student participants with mental health, academic, career and other life skills counseling, support services and clinical referrals where appropriate, in order to support them in achieving program goals. This position is responsible for maintaining student case management files including Individual Services Strategies (ISS) and clinical case notes. 

Work with each student to assess his/her strengths, and develop and maintain an ISS for achieving program goals; 
Apply clinical techniques such as motivational interviewing to facilitate the student's awareness of his/her strengths, weaknesses and motivation;
Apply other clinical techniques to counsel the student on removing social and emotional barriers to his/her education;
Conduct family counseling meetings and home visits;
Assess the student's social and emotional stability, coordinate benefits and support services from ABCD or other agencies, and accompany him/her when necessary;
Clinically assess and identify student mental health issues and make appropriate referrals to more extensive counseling if necessary;
Identify students' skills and provide academic and social/emotional counseling in order to achieve program goals;
Provide supportive mediation services to resolve any discipline or communication issues between student and staff when necessary;
Monitor, track and maintain student attendance by making daily attendance calls and working with other DA staff on appropriate strategies and policy changes to improve attendance rate; 
Provide incoming students with a smooth transition to University High School (UHS) and introduction to its staff members and programs;
Work in conjunction with the Principal and Counseling team on ways to improve and ensure the students' academic success;
Facilitate psycho-educational support workshops for students, on topics such as goal setting, stress management, coping with depression and decision-making;
Maintain and input updated records of student demographics, program activities, class grades and attendance, and case management notes into the school's database, the MOSES database and the Boston Public Schools (BPS) SIS database;
Provide input on students' performance in case conference and planning interviews;
Provide guidance on college, career, and other life skills development for success during and after the program;
Provide program insights to other staff advocating for student needs in the proposals of new policy;
Perform other related duties as assigned from time to time.

Attend all staff meetings;
Must have a background in social work and/or mental health counseling; 
Must be able to work sensitively with individuals of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds;
Must have an unwavering belief in urban youth and their potential.

Minimum Masters Degree in Education, Social Work or related field required. LCSW preferred. Minimum one to three years related experience working with urban youth required.

It is essential that candidate has experience working with at-risk youth in urban settings

Contact: Marsha Girault-Macias at